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October 20, 2007



Please call it the MSPL, not the MPL so as not to confuse it with the Mozilla Public License, which is already known as the MPL.

Sid Boyce

To describe Microsoft solely as "capitalistic" is somewhat of a travesty as capitalism disavows many of their practices. I've read enough of their diatribes against open source to know exactly their stance. Their focus is always as it was, to stamp out any competition by whatever means it deems appropriate at any given point and to embrace, extend and obfuscate any useful technological advance that appears.
Like the old Soviet Union (Microsoft believes it's a state - it's a member of G8), you can have any OS you choose as long as it's Windows.


I've long held the view that M$ is the "edge" of Capitalism, and that if left unchecked it *may* assist the [demise/shrinking] of Capitalism. Either "Capitalism" cuts this crap out, or it will end up being left to live off of itself. I'm not in love with Capitalism, but I don't want to see out my days being arrested for having better furniture than my neighbour, nor having to believe in some historical book. The west needs to be about freedom, not greed. Let's not confuse the issues. Let's allow the internet to provide real democracy. Let's get to the point that our children don't want to carry a knife and don't want to own more houses than they can occupy. Steve Ballmer may end up being [blank] the world has ever seen .........

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