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May 07, 2007


Tyler Reguly


"... but surprisingly there's no mention of the vulnerability Apple has already patched."

You do realize that there's nothing for Microsoft to patch in regards to this QuickTime vuln. The reason Apple had to release a patch is because QuickTime is an Apple Product.

Also... You have to realize that Microsoft has a mature patch release process... something that Apple still doesn't have (and has been knocked for in the past)... So Microsoft will take more time to get patches out... Businesses trust Microsoft products and need them for day to day activities... For that reason Microsoft has to properly test all patches before release. To do any less would be irresponsible. Also... Apple has very specific hardware requirements and limited software... They don't have nearly as much testing to do as Microsoft would.

Bill Wildprett

I will argue that the Mac OS has plenty of undiscovered vulnerabilities yet to be found! The perception of it being 'more secure' than Microsoft is a fallacy now; it is simply the result of the vast majority of skilled attackers not wanting to pay attention to exploiting a product with such a low market share - no $$$ to be made, just fame.

I refuse to believe that Apple's programmers are inherently better than Microsoft's, or anyone else's. They too, will make mistakes. The platform may make it harder to make certain mistakes, but, mistakes will be made - that's just human nature.

Apple continually touts how 'secure' it is, especially in those sophomoric television ads, reflecting a deep hubris and also, fear of the inevitable...

It's not just wi-fi drivers or Quicktime flaws.

I'll take Microsoft's mature patch process for business needs and Linux for other stuff. Macs are nice, don't get me wrong, but they are not invulnerable and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply, a fool.

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